If you don’t love working up a sweat but do love the benefits of a cardio workout, swimming may be your ideal match.

The water keeps you cool, even as your heart gets a great workout. You’ll probably be able to keep yourself going for a longer time than if you were running. That’s because it’s fun and gentle on your joints and muscles. The water can also feel relaxing.

Plan on doing 2 1/2 hours of swimming a week. Or mix in swimming with other cardio workouts. You can set your own pace, going as fast as you like.

Ten Benefits of Swimming You May Not Know About:

1. Swimming Improves Muscle Definition and Strength

2. Swimming Builds Up Bone Mass

3. Swimming Helps You Stay Flexible

4. Swimming Reduces Inflammation

5. Swimming Holds Its Own for Calories Burned

6. Swimming Can Improve Exercise-Induced Asthma

7. Swimming Lowers Stress and Depression

8. Salt-Water Swimming Can Be a Beauty Treatment for Skin

9. Swimming Can Make You Smarter

10. Swimming May Just Lengthen Your Life