Weight Loss with Spinning

Research has shown that an average 40 minute spinning class will help you burn around 500 calories. I challenge you to equal that efficiency with any of the other advertised "low-impact" exercises. The carloric dispension can even go higher depending on the intensity of your workout.

Benefits of Spinning

ts also great because people from all fitness levels can enjoy a heart pounding workout. Each person is encouraged to find his/her maximum effort and work from there. Another great benefit is that it tones your legs as you spin. The "climbing" exercise often incorporated into spin classes build strength and define muscle in your legs.

Spin Class

The music tends to motivate everyone to push themselves harder than normal and the teacher will cheer you on to keep spinning even when you are tired. Most classes last between 30 minutes and 1 hour. During a 45 minute class you will cycle approximately 13 miles, depending on how fast you pedal.